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Turn Websites into APIs

Need to regularly extract data from a website or web app that doesn’t have an API? Create your own scalable API with no code.

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Price Monitoring

Track and monitor market prices automatically and have more data points to make better pricing decisions for your business. Monitor your minimum advertised price (MAP) across retailers to check possible violations.


Lead Generation

Build your prospect list and marketing database from multiple websites, get structured data with proper columns, and let your sales team focus on discovery and closing instead of copying and pasting information.


Finance and Investment

Regularly collect bulk data on your target markets from specific sources on the web with minimal effort. Get insights on your investment decisions and reduce your risk.


Business Intelligence

Spend less time collecting information and more time analyzing data and making informed decisions.


Market Research

Extract structured data from multiple sources to gain insights into the market. Extract company data from different sources and directories like Yellow Pages, Crunchbase, and Craigslist.


Competitive Monitoring

Monitor your competitors' products, trends, and marketing strategies by monitoring their website and presence on the web.


Product Availability

Monitor your product’s availability on your suppliers’ and retailers’ websites and never let it go out of stock. Have their live inventory on your dashboard.


Content Aggregation

Stay on top of the latest news, updates, and research. Gather them in one place and turn them into insights.


Academic Research

Your studies need reliable data at scale. Easily collect vast amounts of data from several sources on the web in easy-to-use spreadsheets.


Build an AI/ML product

Your AI/ML product needs large-scale data to be successful. Extract clean data from every relevant source on the web with no code.

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